Sleepwave video shoot

I’ve just wrapped on a 2 day shoot with my long time friends in SLEEPWAVE. We all had an amazing time trekking through the sand Dunes. I’m in the midst of editing and post work on this video and the ANBERLIN video I recently shot. Both should be out really soon!

Also, I should have a new and updated reel and website in the coming weeks. Cheers.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

photo 13

Shooting in Florida all week. Been snapping some gifs. Got lots of fun projects cooking, stoked to get started on them. More soon.


EDISON from daniel davison on Vimeo.

Lesson learned in lawless living.
Everything changes, all will end
From nothing to everything, to nothing again
Look away
Once a safe haven of thoughts and ideas, now a safeguarded mountain of shit
watched by half sleeping eyes paid minimum wage.
Slow and steady decay, it’s happening before your eyes.
Peasant quarters hidden in the shadow of the castle
the middle class look on
the nobles look away, from their Center City towers.
Squatter fires glow bright at night
slow movers track and wrangle copper in hope of escape
Two miles South I’ll sleep soundly in a warm soft bed
lightly sedated by the company of an old crow
We all want the same things
Something is off here, time is not on our side.
Dust will gather in the corners until the corners collapse.
Once dusty corridors will become dust themselves.
Paid to construct, paid to destroy.
See the dust and stir it
Notice the time and slow it
Hold nothing too tightly, lest you destroy it.


I shot this while still living in Philadelphia, about a year ago, and have been working on it in between jobs.
It was shot during the demolition of Edison High School, in North Philly. I hopped the fence and got in one rainy/snowy day and explored for an hour or so, before being literally chased away by a security guard. Wish I could have had more time to explore… this was shot in maybe 2 of the 4 or so buildings. I think that this location really captures desolation and abandoned vibe of North Philly. The ruggedness of Philly was definitely very inspirational to me in my handful of years there. Pretty wild that this was only 2 – 3 miles from Center City.
Shot, edited, and VFX by Daniel Davison
Music: Horseback – “Inheritance (The Changeling)”

blessthefall “Hollow Bodies” music video

Directed, Edited, and VFX by Daniel Davison
Director of Photography – Mitch Martinez
First AC – Brad Patterson
“Bullet Time” director – Mitch Martinez
“Bullet Time” production team – Jason Milstein, Steven Nguyen, and Erik Waldman
Production assistant – Kayla Wandishin

Shot at Hill Studio, Paulsboro, NJ